The CHASSM - Catalyst Houston Area School of Supernatural Ministry - is a ministry training center whose mission is to reveal every student's royal identity and to activate, empower and mobilize the supernatural in their life by teaching them how to live a life like Christ: a life of dwelling in God's presence and completely yielded to His Spirit.

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Our Cooperative Learning Approach

We believe people learn and grow best in environments that are more conversational and where implementation of the information learned is immediate. Therefore, we have chosen a more cooperative learning, group-based approach.

To facilitate this, students will have assigned Catalyst Pastors who will help guide them in their groups with activations, accountability, and care.


When you sign up for The CHASSM, you aren't just signing up for a class. You are receiving individualized care from some of our amazing team leaders!

"Living without knowing your identity & purpose is tough. Without that knowledge it’s easy to be swayed by the many voices of society into believing things about you & your reality that are far from the truth. Being trained as a CHASSM pastor has shown me the truth, it has empowered me. I have grown deeper in relationship with Papa and I’ve learned how to hear His voice. When trials come, I can lean on the truth of what He says about me & on His promises. As a CHASSM pastor I hope to help others realize the same truth about themselves so that they can walk in intimacy with Papa." 

-Tabitha Stafford

Are you ready to walk in your royal identity and purpose?

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